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Family Owned and Operated 

Sammy's Organics was started as an alternative to the conventional grocery outlets. It is our goal to offer a healthy choice for food and complimentary health products to our community. We are a full line natural food store located in the SW corner of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The owners; Robert, Vivian and Sammy Magruder, are members of the local community that the store serves and are active in the community promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

All Natural Deli and Catering

Our all natural and organic Deli offers fantastic homemade lunch and dinner choices. The grab-n-go offerings make preparing a healthy and nutritious family meal a breeze. The natural ingredients are always of the highest quality and the Deli utilizes organic ingredients whenever possible. Our main cook Karen has earned a reputation that 5 star chefs would die for. Our customers love everything that she has created and purchase anything that she makes. We also offer party trays, dips and main entrees to serve to your family and special guests making for memorable get- togethers. Just call our Deli to place your order.

Alternative Health Products

We offer numerous brand name and specialty line nutraceuticals. We pride ourselves on the quality and efficiency of the products that we sell. Our on-staff nutritional consultants and herbalists are available for free consultations. Feel free to come in with your questions and concerns. We are here to serve our community.

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